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Product Information

Miyamoto products are used in various parts of vehicles, supporting vehicle safety, comfort and environmental adaptability.
  • Relay
  • Horn
  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Buzzer
Horn In Japan, a driver only honks their vehicle horn where there is a
"sound horn" road sign or to alert others of danger.
In some other countries, horns are frequently used.
Relay A relay receives an electric signal and transmit it to the next equipment
by turning on and off the switch. For example, the wiper or power window
system is turned on and off by the switch near the steering wheel.
Dozens of relays are mounted on a vehicle and it is a crucial component.
Buzzer Applications of automotive buzzers range from door lock/unlock sound, 
seat belt alarm to reversing alarm and more.
Electonic Control Unit
Electronic control technology is widely used in automobile for engine,
transmission, airbag, collision prevention, lane keeping assist,
adaptive cruise control and more. Electronic control units which control
these systems provide safe and comfortable driving.