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Miyamoto produces piezoelectric ceramic buzzers, soft-sound electromagnetic buzzers (PCB-compatible) and mechanical buzzers.

Piezo Buzzer

Piezo Buzzer

This buzzer is compact and highly-durable and operates on low power, which supports both large and small sounds according to the application.

<Main use>
・Reverse buzzer
・Keyless buzzer
・Interior warning buzzer

Electromagnetic Buzzer

Electro Magnetic Buzzer

This buzzer produces a soft sound and operates at 1,000 Hz.
Mainly used as interior warning.

Customized Buzzer

Customized Buzzer "JUS・TONE"

Piezo Buzzer

JUS・TONE is a buzzer for instrument and the sound is completely custom-made for your needs.

Rated Voltage DC5V ~ 24V
Operating Current 100mA Max. (at rated voltage)
Sound Pressure Customized between 60 ~ 85dB(A)/m
(limited depending on voltage and frequency setting)
Frequency Customized between 2600 ~ 3200Hz
On/Off Cycle Programmable
Operating Temperature Range -10℃ ~ 60℃
Size W67 x D48 x H25mm