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Miyamoto horns are divided into three categories: standard, highly-durable and dust-proof.
Our horns are certified for Europe, China and Taiwan and have a long history of being adopted as genuine parts of Japanese automakers.

Spiral-type Horn

Spiral Horn

Spiral-type or trumpet-type horns produce a soft sound and are used in vehicles requiring softer sounds.

Diameter: Φ70
Voltage: 12V
Frequency: High 500±20 Hz
      Low 400±20 Hz
Sound Voltage: MIN. 105dB

Disc-type Horn

Disc Horn

Disc-type horns produce a sharp sound with a high sound pressure level.

Diameter: Φ70
Voltage: 12V
Frequency: High 440±20 Hz
      Low 370±20 Hz
Sound Voltage: MIN. 108dB