Miyamoto Electric Horn - Automotive Horn, Relay, Buzzer and ECU|Horn


Our horns are certified for Europe, China and Taiwan and have a long history of being adopted as genuine parts of Japanese automakers.

Spiral-type Horn

image Spiral-type or trumpet-type horns produce a soft sound.

Right-hand side: Shield type
Left-hand side: Non-shield type
Diameter φ70 Sound level 108dB(A)/2m
Rated voltage 12VDC Dimensions W97 x D73 x H147 (Shield type)
W100 x D69 x H119 (Non-shield type)
Frequency High: 490±20Hz
Low: 400±20Hz
Mass 250g (Shield type)
225g (Non-shield type)
Max. current 5A

Disc-type Horn

image Disc-type horns are space-saving and produce a sharp sound with a high sound pressure level.
Diameter φ70 Sound level 113dB(A)/2m
Rated voltage 12VDC Dimensions W74 x D34 x H117
Frequency High: 440±20Hz
Low: 370±20Hz
Mass 175g
Max. current 4A