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Production Engineering

Miyamoto's production facilities developed in-house provide competitive proposals!
MIYAMOTO received The Prize for Creativity 2016


We perform optimal MONOZUKURI (manufacturing) from a development stage through collaboration between product design and production engineering.

High production efficiency and high quality are achieved by developing our own production facilities.
We implement a range of improvement activities in order to reinforce our production capacity, reduce costs and ensure high level of quality.

Plastic molding molds are designed, produced and maintained in-house, so that we can immediately respond to issues at the work site to achieve cost reduction and high quality.

<Development of Production Facilities and Tooling>

Our machinery and tooling team in the Production Engineering Group aims to improve technical competence by:
 - developing automated production lines;
 - designing and making plastic molding molds;
 - developing inspection machines to prevent the outflow of defective products.

By developing facilities suitable for us through designing, processing, assembling and controlling facilities with good use of past problems, process FMEA, CAD/CAM and others, we can meet customer expectations for cost and quality.


Name No. of units
Ram-type vertical milling machine 7
NC milling machine 1
Lathe 3
Wire electrical discharge machine 1
NC electric discharge machine 1
Surface grinding machine 2
Precision forming grinder 2
Universal grinding machine 1
Drilling machine 3
Band sawing machine 1
Hack sawing machine 1
Slicer 1
Arc welding machine 1
Gas welding machine 1